Uniting South Asian Buddhist Heritage and Culture


Buddhism is a global religion of Indian origin with a varied and widespread following. However the tourism potential of the rich Buddhist heritage of the Indian subcontinent remains untapped. The Trans Asian Buddhist Circuit (TABC) seeks to address this by creating a confluence of culture and religion while empowering the economy.

TABC will act as a cultural and social integrator for Asian nations and help strengthen relations between countries that share a Buddhist heritage.

A Socio-Economic Initiative

In India, there are more than 50 Buddhist sites of significance spread over 13 Indian States. Yet, most of the Buddhist circuits have been developed in isolation and lack holistic, systematic & scientific approach.

There are examples throughout the world where countries have built their economies around pilgrimage and heritage sites. Saudi Arabia is building infrastructure for Haj pilgrims where Mecca and Medina are two major centres. Vatican is another example of pilgrimage tourism. In India, there are 50 Buddhist sites and in Asia there are over 200 Buddhist sites having potential to be a strong engine of growth in Buddhist circuit.

JAPANESE PARADIGM: Tourism is a big contributor to Japanese economy.

To tap the economic potential of Buddhist nodes in India and across Asia a nodal agency TABC is needed.

Trans Asian Buddhist Circuit