An Alternative Development Model – ADM

The ICF recognized the need for an Alternative Model of Development- a consolidated, coherent & comprehensive framework that supplants the Old Model. ICF views development mechanisms as consolidated all-inclusive operating system, without which the norm changes to ‘temporary development’. ICF believes in the approach of framing an Ideology, shaping systems to act as a foundation & Building Products based on these systems and ideologies.

Trans Asian Buddhist Circuit

India Center Foundation Approach

The ICF approach consists of Ideology, System and Product.


Ideology that talks about One Asia, One Dream and One Development Model – ADM

System that smartly integrates all Buddhist nodes across India and Asia  – Value Creation

Product A Smart Tourist Corridor is the Trans Asian Buddhist Circuit Initiative

TABC Eco-System

TABC Ecosystem integrates Cultures and economies to help setup the Trans Asian Tourism Corridor.

The Trans Border Partnership helps build partnerships among stakeholders.

This leads to creation of agencies, Trusts and SPVs.

TABC creates & improves value proposition, while using IoT and ICT, with a key focus on safety & Security. This leads to employment generation that empowers the people of India and aids Nation Building. Sustainable Growth with responsive governance while improving energy efficiency is the key aim of TABC.